Wednesday, April 6, 2011

23 week checkup

We had a "regular" old fashioned OB check up. I truly feel spoiled that I get to hear/see the baby so often. If I only got to hear his heart beat once a month I might truly go insane.

I had to get Tyler early from school so that we could eat lunch and go to our appointment so it has felt like a SUPER long day. I didn't sleep last night because I was coughing literally ALL night. My throat feels like I am swallowing shards of glass and my ears hurt badly. So I was not a happy camper to be gone all day.

Grayson seems to be doing amazingly fabulous. He is measuring perfect, my cervix is perfect and his heartbeat is great! We then had a small chit chat about me feeling like poo.

What has surprised me is how great I feel in regards to the pregnancy. Other than being tired I actually feel really good. In regards to my real health I feel like POO. Seriously POO POO. The cold still hasn't gone away. It did until I stopped the antibiotics and 2 days later I was sick again. I cough all the time. I pee my pants all the time and the coughing makes me gasp for air and then I throw up. The sore throat is MOST likely from barking and barfing.

The funny note, my doc ordered me 2 more vials of Progesterone because of the stupid Makena thing. He said that if he ever has to order a drug from them he will quit his practice but would rather drive to Mexico and Canada to get the drug for his patients.

Now THAT is the American way right!

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