Saturday, March 5, 2011

A tale of a bad week

We have literally both been going non stop since Tuesday and it feels like we haven't had much of a chance to process all that is going on.

Late Monday night Dallas got an email to met with his bosses for Breakfast the next morning. He texted one of his boss who assured us that everything was fine and that he still had his job. It didn't really put our minds at ease much but we waited till the next morning to see what was going on.

I left before Dallas to get our car to the body shop and he headed off to met with his bosses. I got the car taken care of and got a phone call from D less than 30 minutes later that he was being laid off. He was given a check and a month of insurance and told that they would put his name in with other people that they have been working for. They are going in a different direction.

His boss had flat out lied the night before. I couldn't believe that someone would just lie but we did what we always do and we started figuring out the next step. After several hours on the phone we were able to feel a little more secure for Tyler and Dallas started putting in applications.

Within just a few minutes of sending in his application he got a response back from a TON of places. A few of them are local but the others are as far away as California, Toronto, Seattle, and Atlanta Georgia.

Atlanta seems incredibly interested and he has a 4th interview on Monday. He has a local interview on Tuesday.

He is working really hard at his own stuff and doing a few odds and ends for people who wanted contracts. We are looking at all of our options.

To top off the awesomeness Tyler has been HORRIBLE. He started not feeling well on Sunday and by Tuesday afternoon he was so sad. He got off the bus screaming because they gave him a book he couldn't take home with him. It happened again on Wednesday and it continued most of the afternoon. Thursday we kept him home and took him to the doctors. He has had a persistent cough all winter long. It is like a smokers cough. His eyes swell up and he rubs them like he is itchy. I thought possible allergies until I woke up sick on Thursday as well.

Turns out that the Chronic lung disease that he was diagnosed with in the NICU and the damage to his lungs has given him coughing asthma. He was put on some breathing treatments and a dose of singular.

Friday we were given the night off and Ty had a sitter. We went to a lacrosse game and by the time we got back to give him his meds and get him to bed we were having a major meltdown. He wanted to go someplace else and kept asking for a bye bye. He was hysterical. It took several HOURS to get him to calm down. He finally stopped after midnight and we got ourselves to bed soon after.

For the first time ever he slept in late ( 9:30 isn't really THAT late considering) but I feel horrible today. Lucky for us he was nice and Tyler today. Other than his sleeping tonight he is a happy camper.

We are hoping the next week brings new opportunities but we hope that the meanness and sickness goes away. Thanks for all the well wishes and the encouragement.


Chantel said...

We hope something works out for your little family soon :) keep us posted on the job search!

Amelia said...

You have some fun adventures in store, regardless of where D ends up working! I'm excited for your prospects, even if you have to go through shiz to get there!

Cynthia said...

I have no doubt that a month from now your spouse will be happily settled in a new job. Of course it would be GREAT if it were local but the opportunity to try out a new City sounds exciting too!