Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pass the Tissue Please

I have given birth to a ticked off kid. Tyler has not been feeling well since Sunday. He has been SO sad and so mad. I haven't really seen him this way for a while.

He started not sleeping ( even worse) than he normally does and the last few days we have been starting our day round 4:30 or 5 am. We even forced him to take a nap after a few HOUR long tantrums on Sunday.

We have tried to put him in bed for naps since then but just gotten a very sad and ucky little boy. On Monday his eyes did the really red and itchy thing and he had a small fever but it was the tantrums that really did me in.

Tuesday he was fine with no fever but when he got off the bus from school he was SCREAMING. Screaming because he didn't get his way at first but the screaming went on for a good hour. Dallas was home, so Ty and I took advantage of having Dad home and D got him settled down. An hour later we had a sad Tyler again so we took off up the stairs and we tried to force a nap. But he wouldn't sleep unless he was touching me. Like literally, curled in my arms like a baby.

Wednesday I sent him off to school. D and I had a few hours of quiet and then tantrum after tantrum when Ty got home. His eyes were the only thing that made him look sick and that he wasn't feeling well. His eating habits over the last 4 days have been less than desirable and he is basically starving right now.

Today Ty came into our room about 5. I KNEW we were going to be up at that point but I pretended that Ty was going to sleep and i Put him in my bed and put a heavy pillow over his legs and SLEEP he did do. I woke up around 7:30 and walked downstairs to put the no bus sign out and Ty was still asleep when they went by. He came in to talk to me and lay for about ten minutes but was rudely disturbed by his new obsession. TALKING on the phone.

So happened his Aunt Tammy had called and Tyler answer. So we were up and going but by the time we started breakfast it was pretty much time for school to start so we kept him at home. Oh the DRAMA of having him at home. If he doesn't get exactly what he wants in exactly the place he wants it then we are in HUGE trouble.

Around 1 we took off to get the jeep ready to get fixed. Had to get the check cut and looked at. We left from there to see Dr. Marisa and figure out if the throat, eyes and ears are all in working order. What we found is pressure in the ears but no infection but he feels cruddy and his cough... Oh his cough.

Seems that since we can't get rid of his cough and we have had it non stop since December that we are looking at possible asthma. Not unknown disease for us. Ty has chronic lung disease so this is the next step. So we are starting inhalers, and singular. And then go from there.

We knew that it was more than just allergies when me and his dad both woke up with a small sore throat. The mom has now got the full fledged tissue box, Mentholatum's and the limited meds a pregnant girl can take.

But for now, TY is asleep, mom is drugged enough that sleep will come on fast.

Prayers for us to all feel all better.


Cynthia said...

My preemies both have Cough-Variant Asthma. They don't wheeze but hack like smokers instead. Bethany had more lung trauma at birth and hers is worse than Logans. In fact, hers was so bad that at 4, we took her up to PCMC to be tested for Cystic Fibrosis. Negative, thank goodness.

Singular coupled with Flovent worked well for us. Unfortunately our insurance is so bad now I don't have them medicated at all. Singulair is way to $$ if we had to pay out of pocket. I hope it works well for him!

Chantel said...

Poor kid (and parents!) I hope he gets feeling better soon.