Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Funny stuff that Tyler says

Ty is funny. It is HILARIOUS to hear what comes out of his mouth. Obviously some phrases come from watching way to much TV but at least it increases his random vocabulary and words.

The other day we had some stinky pants. He normally won't tell me and this time was no exception. But I asked him anyways. Figuring some day he MIGHT tell me something.

His answer: "oh yeah. Sorry bout that."

With D home, we get to laugh at Tyler together. Yesterday he came home from school and D and I were talking about moving plans and houses and options when Ty came home. We sat there laughing and playing and he sat up and said " Tywer is hungry." I always try to make him tell me what he is hungry for.

His Answer:" Hmmm.... how bout some chocolate cake."

I sadly told him we were out of chocolate cake but I had chocolate ice cream.

His answer : " hmm my favorite."

Needless to say he ate that for lunch and didn't ask for anything until dinner. He got pizza and exclaimed again that it was his "favorite" and then asked for "Rocket soup" that D and I were eating. Dr. Marisa will be proud that he ate just the juice from shrimp scampi... BUTTER.

Today we were out side on his scooter. He does really well now and his girlfriend Pey pey was playing. He was so excited to be able to chase her around while she was on her scooter. She fell over and so he had to copy. We asked him if he was ok

His answer: " Oh no this is terrible"

And then he said " Oh Waura ( laura) I am ok."

While watching wheel of fortune the other day the man went bankrupt. Ty laughed and then sat down and said " oh gee.. so sorry about that."

Stinking funny kid. We laugh a lot.

For those that watched the clip on the new of him he is OBSSESED with camera's. This large one was no exception. . The camera man LOVED him. Kept showing him stuff kept letting him help. He sat in front of the camera and said " Say Cheese pwease!" They tried to get that clip to work for them but it didn't get all the way in there so you could hear.

Now with the Ipad 2 and the camera and video on it. Maybe we will try a little harder to get his cute stuff on tape.

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