Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pregnancy, Hormones and Immune Systems

Before this winter I thought I had a great handle on germs and my immune system seemed pretty good. Since Ty was born I have gotten the flu shot. We had a bout with the Swine Flu but only after someone else got sick that we were staying with. I have had little else in between minus the normal 1-3 colds a year.

Well, this year NOT so much. In fact since November I have had a cold every other week. Not kidding. It runs its course ( you know 3-7 days) I feel fine and go about my business and BAM! Another one.

Along with these awesome colds comes my FAVORITE passed down germ. Cold sores. They are horrible. They hurt and they get really big. In 20 weeks I have gotten 5 of them. They generally come in between said colds. I have to wait those out to. There isn't anything anyone can do. So that takes a week out of feeling FINE.

Since Tyler has a small immune compromised problem we opted with me getting sick, that we would be "That" family where we started avoiding large crowds that carry more germs due to being a large area. So we opted to spend most of the RSV/cold/ tummy bug weather away from our loving neighbors at church. It was really hard at first. ( then not so hard at 9 when church starts!) But it is getting to the point where the season is over. So I am ready to start braving the germ fest again. Only problem. I am the GERM fest carrier.

After some long days of morning sickness, I noticed that my throat was on fire. I generally always have heartburn and the vomiting does burn my throat often. ( Like OFTEN!) So I chalked it up to that. Two days later it hurts my hears and my head is going to explode and my body aches. I thought... SERIOUSLY. I just had the roofing supplies ( aka shingles) dropped off at my house. I was so sad.

I forced my hubby to be the one up with Tyler but called the doc and took off. I love our family doc and his NP. So she checks my history. Because I have only been in for ONE cold since December she thought I was brave knowing it wasn't going to kill me. We took a strep test ( negative) but that send me into a puking episode.

Ears are red but fine. The problem is that I have bacteria in my sinuses along with some virus and shingles and the cold sore all working at the same time and my body can't do it. It's first protection is Baby Grayson. So he is healthy and wiggling and I am coughing, sneezing and peeing.

She was not impressed with the fact that the shingles are still there and that the cold sores are reappearing. She was saddened to tell me though that because I was pregnant it isn't going to get any better.

I can honestly say that being pregnant and sick with the vomit hasn't been all that bad. I can take that part. I get to eat what I want cause it will come up a few hours later. And if not that day it will do it another day! My weight gain hasn't existed and I have lost about 15-20 pounds. ( YAY for HCG!) So being pregnant isn't the problem. In fact I have enjoyed it knowing how many people really want one and how much I really wanted one, why and what do I have to complain about.

The NP was NOT impressed with my vomiting though. It fact she is quite concerned. It has ripped blood vessels in my throat and it is burning it with acid. So she is going to look into what can be done. Till then I Live on zantac, cough drops ( yes mom the lemon honey ones from western family... I WISH it was Food Ranch) and poise pads and zofran. I guess I need to get that vomiting under control.

Till then, and FYI out there. Pregnancy makes you have weird hormones that make you cry when the NP tells you that you have a bulimic vomiting issues that you need to work on and your cry happy tears when you feel your kid kick as you are peeing your pants and you are considered immune compromised after you can't kick the freaking shingles and keep getting sick.

At least all my hatred of sickness is not pregnancy related. I kinda like the pregnancy part.

That is my rant...Oh so if you are coming around me. I am sick. Again. And a cold sore will likely pop up. In fact my shingles think they are God's gift and I MUST pay attention to them and have flared their ugly heads.

WASH YOUR HANDS.... and we will kindly do the same.

In the words of Tyler if we exposed you to germs " Oh yea sorry bout that.!"


carly said...

My whole bottom lip was a cold sore for 2 weeks last summer. My doc prescribed two medications: denavir and aclyovir. One is a pill you take as soon as you feel it coming on, and the other a cream. They work REALLY well -- and REALLY fast. Don't know if you can take them while pregnant though.

Miracles Happen said...

They have me on one for the shingles. The Valtrex one in a high does. Thought to be killing both with oe med but the shingles are still there . I Might just have to ask wawhat other options I am able todod.

singedwingangel said...

I SERIOUSLY think you need to talk to me about Reliv. It is a wonderful product that gives your body what it needs to fight infections and run. One of the best things for prenatal care I have ever seen. I spent most of the winter illness free, until I ran out and life happened.. Yeah got my butt kicked by sinus issues..

~NICKY~ said...

As your little sister, I will tell you nicely.. if you wash your hands once a week you won't get sick :) or.. maybe shower.. yeah, that last one sounds about right :) gotta give you a hard time.