Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Did it work?

We have really tried hard to get Tyler to sleep in his own bed, all night. No trips in to mom. No mom sleeping some place else and hopefully sleeping through the night. It worked for a while and he was rewarded like he always is. Spoiled rotten. He got a Mickey Mouse bed set, lots of praise and a new twin bed. Really he only got the bed because I had no place else to sleep and we were hoping to be pregnant sooner than later.

Fast forward a LONG time. Ty wouldn't sleep in his bed all night, he took nightly trips into mom and on the rare occasion he would sleep through the night it was only RARE and only happened when we didn't want him to sleep in. ( Like Christmas) Plus it usually only happened when other people were here. (Making my " my kid never sleeps" look like a lie!)

My parents brought themselves a bed one day. It is a queen sized bed. It gave them a place to stay with their own bathroom and a bed without getting a hotel room. The kids ( Kayden, Koy and Lexi) loved using it as a trampoline and Ty thought having the kids here was great so he didn't care.

A few weeks ago ( OK probably even more) he was not wanting to sleep in the Mickey Mouse bed and asked to sleep in the bigger bed. For a while it was just a ploy to get out of sleeping in general. Now that is where he sleeps.

I feel bad for grandma because she will have a stiff, bed hogging 5 year old sleeping with her and who knows where grandpa is going. After some REALLY bad weeks we decided to be hard nosed parents and MAKE him sleep in his own bed. ( well the bigger bed and really his DAD is the hard nosed parent.. I give in)

After a few more trips into my room and some really hairy nights I found that if I put a heavy pillow on Tyler's legs he slept. FOREVER in one spot without moving. So much so that sometimes our cheap diapers leaked because he never moved. ( He is rarely wet at night but hey... accidents happen)

All week last week and all this week we have used this pillow and on the days he gets a pillow put on his legs he sleeps till at LEAST 6:30 but more like after 8! So we miss the bus a lot right now but he is in his OWN bed, sleeping all night, and I am sleeping in MY bed.

Gives me hope for the future. I won't have a 16 year old sleeping with his dad. He also thinks that baby Grayson will be sleeping with Tyler. I do however, still sneak in and make sure he is still breathing and a small kiss here and there.

If you have a pattern for a weighted blanket send it MY WAY!!

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Becca said...

A weighted blanket is such a good idea. I swear Caleb has RLS and the dr's just brush me off when I bring it up. He's 7 and still rarely makes it through the night. But I think I may try the blanket idea, wish I would have thought of it ages ago.