Friday, February 4, 2011

A weekend with the Granpa ( and Grandma!)

Last weekend was a lot of fun. My parents were getting homesick for the kids. The kids were cabin fever filled and miss the grandparents. So a weekend was planned. My parents were so kind to entertain us for a WHOLE day and we loved it.

My parents drove up Saturday morning and we met up in Salt Lake ( after a quick stop at our house) and we decided to go to the Discovery Museum in the Gateway downtown. Ty and I went last year and it was a TON of fun. This year it was even better. Tyler did such a great job and seemed to enjoy all of it SO much more.

He loves the balls at the opening and he went right off like a pro. Kayden and Koy are pretty much his age so he had people to follow. Lexi is a GREAT helper and was more than happy to make sure that Tyler was well taken care of.

The next room is the play houses, construction job, store and water. He went right to the construction job like he was good old Handy Manny and kept talking about the big job! He had fun trying to use the levers to get the stuff up but was just fine moving on to the house.

The house was fun. He sat at the table and had a tea party and told me and Lexi that he was at Mickey Mouse's clubhouse and it was a tea. He made some rocket soup and then went to the grocery store. He took a teapot from the house and he carried it throughout the rest of the day. He loved it. He even asked for it when we stopped for other stuff.

He liked the water but he seemed to like it much more last year. He had a good time but the boys were stuck off doing something else and there was a lot of people at the water. We moved on up and made it up in time to go to a class on plaster.

We spent all day doing all the fun stuff that they had to offer. Ty and the kids went out to see the helicopter. He was fine until we got closer and then he was OFF. He screamed and kept telling me that he was all done. By this time we had been there for several hours. About half way through Ty was VERY done. He had to be carried and he was TIRED.

After we went over to the hotel that was rented and ate pizza and swam in the pool. They stayed at the fins and grins place they usually do. T was exhausted by the end. I even got in the pool ( it was NOT pretty) and had a great time. Ty does really well by himself but we ended up in the deep end swimming and playing basketball.

We went home and Ty and I were so stinking tired. By the time we got in, sat down and started to drive I realized I had done way to much. I happily was not sick the whole day but OH boy was I having some pretty awesome contractions. A big dose of water and rest and by the next afternoon they were all gone.

Ty slept really badly. I think he was to tired to really get into his sleep and he cried ALLLLLL night. We ended up in our own bed with him with me and got very little sleep. But we got enough sleep ( I think) to not be sick the next day.

We are so thankful that my parents are so willing to come and save us from Cabin Fever. The kids were great and all of them have so much fun together. It is awesome to see the kids play with Tyler and him play back. It is so great to watch them.

I have a few photos on my iphone. I told you I was out of a computer so sorry!

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