Saturday, February 5, 2011


Most people who know Dallas and I know that we aren't "really" sports people. I loved sports growing up and was insistent in having a football team. I loved and played basketball. But after some bitter times in college I was fine marrying a man that didn't have a problem not watching every sporting event known to man.

However, Dallas has one love. Lacrosse.
He would watch it when he was working and didn't really have any place to go to games. Recently he has been watching it a lot more and with BYU being really close he decided to purchase season tickets. ( I KNOW, season tickets for Dallas. Hell froze over!)

He asked me if I wanted to go to a game the other day. With Tyler's current sports addiction I thought it would be good for all of us to go together. We were a little hesitant today because it was suppose to snow but since it didn't we all decided to go.

T and I were off running some errands and met up with Dallas just in time to head out. I grabbed some blankets ( thankfully) and we headed out. Ty kept calling the game Football until we explained that it was with sticks. He has his own small stick and Dallas has one but I couldn't find Ty's or he would have had his own. He even held a kids lacrosse stick there.
It was COLD and he kept asking if it was "Tyler's turn now." When they would have a time out he was allowed to go on the turf and touch the line and he was dancing away to the music they would play. He would get so sad to have to come back.

When he got a little restless cause he couldn't go out and play someone gave him a ball to play with and we walked around and found an extra net to play with so he was able to think he was playing. I had to take him away from the net and he was sobbing. He told his dad that he was "in trouble" and I melted a million times over.

When the game was over he went out on the field and made a goal and asked if we could go to the store to buy him a stick. Luckily D has one and Ty was happy to get it when we got home.

We ended the night with yummy sushi and Ty and I even had our first try of the raw stuff. ( Don't freak.. it wasn't a lot of the raw stuff) Neither of us opted for more but Ty was a happy camper.

We were sitting at dinner and he realization as to how much easier it is to take Tyler places came up. With way less sensory issues and some actual interest in things he has a lot of fun. With the little bit of imagination that he has he is able to associate things with what he knows and we all have a good time. While most do this at 2 it has taken him a while longer. But he communicates, enjoys and we all have a great time.

P.S BYU SPANKED Boise State.


Chesney said...

Tyler is SUCH a cute kid. I'm excited to see what your next one will look like.

Grandma Labrum said...

I commented yesterday but got kicked off-line before it posted. Tyler looks like he is cold in one of the pictuers, but he also looks like he is having a good time. Glad you got to do something together.

Amelia said...

How fun! He just looks more and more grown up all the time. What an amazing kiddo.

Roosterruler said...

Go TY! Love the shots :D