Friday, December 10, 2010

Holy Hormonal

I have had a hormone control problem in this house for a few days. Really it has only been the week, but I am PRETTY sure that if I had a million dollars I would not only take a vacation, take my sisters on one and bring my parents ( to baby sit of course. TOTAL JOKE!) I would travel around the US and punch a few people and shake them REALLY hard. ( NOT a joke!)

After being extremely sick and living on zofran, pain meds and NOTHING, the antibiotics that I have been taking are not being nice to my already messed up system. I am MISERABLE. Tuesday just sucked and as I was getting through the week nicely with raging hormones Tyler has had a few meltdowns of his own.

To top off my incredibly chilled out system I am very angry. Some of the anger comes from DEEP inside the other just comes because no one listens.

Here is today's example of not listening:

I called the neurosurgery to check on our appointment and ask if a CT scan needed to be done so I could have some help in the CT scan. I can't do it by myself right now and would need to take someone or met someone or just gear up for a HUGE barf fest.

Conversation 1.

Me: can you double check to see if Tyler needs a scan.
dumb lady 1: Sure. I am not sure if we can get him in so you might have to make another appointment though.
Me: this is the third rescheduled appointment so if you could check that would be great.
Dumb lady 1: Ok it shows that we can get you in at 11 but then you need to come right down to see us because your appointment is at 11:45.
Me: ok thank you.
Dumb lady 1: make sure that you come right back. I mean it. We won't be holding the clinic up for you.

I made no comment after that and I thought.. NO KIDDING.

Later we got a call from the hospital scheduling
Dumber lady 2: Is Tyler Brown there??
Me: Yes but he is 5
Dumber Lady 2: I am calling to get him registered for his procedure can I gather his info.
Me: Sure
Dumber lady 2: How old is he?
Me: he is 5 and I give his birthday
Dumber Lady 2: can you please tell me if this is his regular address or does he have his own residence?
Me: no he lives here. He can't have his own residence cause he is 5 . Give the address
dumb lady 2: This is a pretty complex procedure will Tyler be able to give his consent.
ME: NO he is 5. I am authorizing consent as his mom
Dumber lady 2: does he have a physician he sees?
Me: yep and her name is Marisa Nagle.
dl2: Is that a girl?
Me: Yes her name is MARISA she works at the riverton hospital south ridge pediatrics.
dl2: Is she a real doctor?
That one busted me up. Yes she is a real doctor. So I said well she could be fake but she is a good fake. If you can't find her name send it to Tim Duffy. She asked if that was a man. I almost threw the phone.
DL2: was this a result of an accident.
Me: No he has hydrocephalus and needs to check his head.
DL2: when did the accident occur?
UM what accident there was no accident. you will be billing me, not trying to wiggle out of getting other people to pay.
DL2: is this person symptomatic.
No mam'a he is fine. It is a followup.
DL2: how long has he exhibited these symptoms.
Me: You know. I think I am done answering your questions. Is there anything relevant that you need from me or can I finish at the hospital.
DL2: we just need a large deposit to hold the spot.
ME : Bill me

It seriously frustrates me so bad when people won't listen. I understand we all have things we are suppose to do in a day. A script of such.But really LISTEN

The deep stuff is gonna have to wait cause I am now pissed again at the dumb people who I am forced to think about. And those dumb people should be glad that I don't live closer.


carly said...

LOL I'm sorry that I am laughing, but seriously? Was this PCMC neuro? If so, I hope I never have speak to those dumb people! I would love to put Wesley on the phone to have a converstation with them and see what he says. LOL

Miracles Happen said...

Yeah Carly it was. It was with the admissions people. I am sure it is just a bank of a call center. It was Hilarious and made me pissy