Friday, September 24, 2010

Hope Play date

On Ty's birthday I sent his cute little butt off to school and ran to the grocery store. I wanted to get some new cupcakes to send to his class. When I got to school Ty was working with the Speech therapist. As soon as I walked in he as not willing to keep working. She asked a few questions about his vision and if he can see certain things. After a few pointers, we were ready for cupcakes.

Ty doesn't drink milk. Like at all. One day he just stopped. He use to drink carnation and milk. So I laughed when he wanted milk. Miss Holly said he never drinks it but he wants it. It was even chocolate milk and he was so happy to have it.
He went back and forth between me and his cupcake. He was so funny. Another little boy in the class ate his own cupcake then walked over by the leftover cupcakes and tried to lick them. He was SNEAKY!! Ty had a great time and was not unhappy when I left.

When he got home we had lunch and then got ready to go on an activity with the hope kids. It was our first activity and he had such a great time. So did his mom. It was nice to see him so happy.

We made I spy bottles with Rice. He really liked being able to fill the bottle with the rice. He wanted to do it all by himself.

He was not convinced that we should do a whole bunch of items into the bottle instead he loaded up on the first few items. He liked the jingle bells a lot and loaded up on those too.

Next stop was making his own play doh and he kept wanting to play in the ingredients.

We played a game with a water noodle and marbles. He needed some help so I wasn't able to get a picture. He was excited to play with his friend Ben. He would race Ben's marble and laugh and laugh.

We also did a parachute and tried to keep the balls on the parachute. He thought it was pretty funny to watch the balls fall off and hit people.

Last activity was playing with the balloons as basketballs. He loved it. They had lower kid baskets but he wanted the big ones. So after a few pictures I had to hold him up and let him shoot with the big one. He was super sweet to the kids who needed help. He helped get balloons for his friends in chairs and he had such a good time.

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