Monday, September 6, 2010

pic pic and park

Boy does he look TICKED~~ But he isn't. He just didn't want me to take a picture. Tyler LOVES picnics. He loves to go to the park, spread out his blanket and eat something and play until he drops. When he sees a picnic in his books he runs it over to us and says Pic pic. When he wants some one on one time with us he ask for a pic pic.

He LOVES it. He has shown an interest in a few things the last little bit. Camping, fishing, picnics, the park and kids to name a few. Whenever he hears the kids outside playing he runs over and wants to play. Our neighborhood is full of kids and they are great with him.

But his true love is picnics and slides. If you say we will go to the park you better show up at a park before you make it home. He remembers everything we promise him. So no cheating him out of time at a slide.

His first day of school I made sure a pizza was cooked and a blanket was out and me and him spent ten minutes of time talking back and forth. Reading his papers from school and asking questions.

Then the last day of the week we had a picnic outside watching all of the kids come and go. Today was a special picnic and we went to the big park.

He was filthy, dirty, and gross by the time we left but he was a happy kid. We played for around 2 hours. It is a great park.

As he gets older and the weather is cooling off, it seems that we have some work to do on our vision issues and personal space at the park. A WHOLE other post for you. But he had a blast. He loves the pic pic's that we get to go on.

I hope all things in life can be as easy as taking him to the park for a picnic. I guess it all can't be unicorns and glitter.

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Grandma Labrum said...

Dirty faces! Grandma's love them. I'm just glad it wasn't scrapes, etc.