Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First day of school 2010

Ty had his first day of preschool ( again!) today. This is year is year number three for Ty. He missed the Kindergarten cut-off by about a month. I am super glad we have one more year to try and "catch up." Since he is talking this year I am hoping that we are able to advance a lot this year.

I love having Tyler home with me. I love being his mom but I love when he goes back to school. He THRIVES on having a schedule and having other kids around. He didn't have a ton of therapy this summer so school is amazing for him.

This year we got a new bus driver and a new aide. She was great today and got all the way off the bus and up to the door both times. She seemed really nice. Ty is on a bus seat by himself but we will see how long that lasts.
He does that when I ask him if he will hold still. He says he "see" the bus. Notice his cute book about the beach. OBSESSED!! Mickey Mouse HAD to go to school with him.

The new bus driver. (I WISH I had thighs like that!) He was JUST fine with having her help him. He was OFF. He even for got his backpack which was coming with Dad behind him.

After he got on the bus I went to his school to see how he was doing. He was having so much fun. You could hear him talking to the teachers and counting and being a good kid.

He didn't have his glasses on and I had put them in his back pack. So I went into his classroom. Generally, I wouldn't go in because he has a tendency to not stay on task and then cry when I leave. I went and got his glasses and offered them to him and he said " nope!" So I left them next to him. I guess at some point they got them on because he came home wearing them.
When he got home he said he had fun and played. He was in need of a little down time. We had a picnic and watched barney. He wouldn't even kiss me or hug me.

After he destressed we went and played outside. In the afternoon we went over to play with Pey pey ( our cute little neighbor) and Tyler was in love with the bikes. I so wish he was able ot ride one! He had a great time.

We were out till just after 8 and after his bath he went into bed and during prayer covered his head up and was ready for us to go. For the past few days he has cried and cried when we put him into bed.

It was a great night. I can't wait to tackle my secret housekeeping list tomorrow.

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