Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stubborn Standoff

Tyler VS. Dallas
Who will win the battle of wills?

Since birth we have had a stubborn and FIESTY little toot. He has fought to no end. As he has gotten older his stubborn ways have not changed. In fact they have put us to the test more times than I care to count ( or recall OR blog for that matter) but this one was kind of funny. ( Probably because it had nothing to do with me!)

Since Tyler was little we have FOUGHT to get him to eat. In general it turns into something that resembles a Chuck- a - rama and me be being a short order cook. I have, at times, made him 4 different things, all of which goes to waste. He tends to eat in front of the TV and eat really bad food because he won't eat anything else.

Since we have decided that for the school year we were going to try extra hard to sit down and eat. We made a menu and all things this week are items that he will eat. We aren't sure if he will eat them together but on those days cooking some chicken nuggets is not a big deal.

Tonight I made baked ziti. Super easy, yummy and all things he will eat. (Noodles and cheese!) We had corn on the cob which he loves and applesauce. Pretty well balanced if you ask me.
Ty is learning ( yes I know a little late!) to eat on his own but his hands don't rotate correctly. He is also getting a crash course in drinking from an open cup. ( generally we have straws in this house!)

We sit down to dinner and Dallas brings over the garlic bread. Ty eats that and applesauce and won't touch anything else. I offer it from my plate which generally does the trick. It didn't work. Dallas eats his meal and encourages Tyler to eat. I finish my meal and encourage Tyler to eat.
( don't judge my kitchen. My house keeping skills are NOT up to par but are not a hoarder house yet! and YES that is a shot glass. He is learning to drink from a cup)

NOTHING is working so we start taking away the things he LIKES in an effort to get him to TRY the main dish. No more drinks or bread till he has ONE BITE!

He was so upset.
He would reach for me because he figured I would " Save" him from the wrath of Daddy. I was NOT getting involved. I would have just offered him some oatmeal and be done with it. BUT, daddy was having none of it.

The face off started. Dallas in his chair armed with an IPhone to pass the time. Tyler on his chair with his head down being sad.

I went about my mother/maid business and did the dishes and they sat.

After Ty would reach out for me to save him I finally decided I needed to walk away. 25 minutes into it I decided pictures would be great!! They sat for another 15 after that.

I came up stairs to wait out the fight. I was SURE D would not cave.

A few minutes later I hear T and D coming up the stairs. Tyler in tears and his dad ALMOST in tears. You see, D is a softy for all things T. He can't STAND the idea that Ty is upset. Tyler is not allowed to play or splash in the water and taking his medicine on a somewhat empty tummy means faster action. The worst punishment, the Mickey Mouse Movie he was going to watch all cuddled up in my bed was canceled.

We got his bed stuff ready and Dallas, the softy, offered 2 books to be read before we went to bed.

So the winner.............................


Like always!

When you are spoiled and as amazing as he is, ( oh and the ONLY kid in the house) one can't help but see how stubborn he is and smile. It is why he is here with us!
PS. His grandfather was the MOST stubborn man I have ever met in my LIFE. I am SURE it skipped a generation from my mom because I am not stubborn.
Genetics don't lie. D and T might look alike but Tyler is a LOT more stubborn

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