Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Letter

Dear Preschool,

I was so excited to send my sweet little boy to you. You have NO idea how much he loves other people and to "Pway" with all the other kids. He gets so excited to go on the bus and ride that he takes off down the driveway.

I love that he goes to school. It gives me 4 hours of cleaning time that I know will be trashed in 3.5 seconds right around 12:30 when he gets home. But I don't mind. I love his happy face.

This is week 2. After having 3 days last week to do my thing I was just getting into a routine at home and getting ready to venture out my 4 walls and BAM!!!!!!! You sent home THAT.

That has us coughing, running a fever and being sad. That has him thinking that he should sleep in my bed, cry and want to be held. While I, the mean mom, let him because I feel sad that he is not feeling well.

With motrin in body and sleep has come I wonder, how sick should he be before I decide not to send him to you. You gave him the bug............

You know.. for his immunocompromised system and knowing we have been healthy I am sad. But I should have known better.

So.... tomorrow is another day. Another call to the sick doc. Good thing we love her :)

Tyler's mom................ Please when sending things home... if his name isn't on it .. it isn't ours :)

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