Thursday, August 26, 2010

What I have learned in 30 years

Happy Thirty to me! Not sure how I feel about turning 30 though I still feel like people look at me and see a teenager. So I guess it isn't too bad.

There are a lot of things that I have learned in the last 30 years and a few things I would still like to do.

Things I have learned:
  • Life isn't fair. It really isn't fair. Everyone has trials but some people get much more than their fair share.
  • I should have studied harder in High school. I never was so great at math. I should have worked harder so that I didn't have to struggle as an adult.
  • Marriage is the best thing that could have happened to me, but it is a lot of work. The work isn't so hard because I love my spouse.
  • I have gray hair.
  • Motherhood is great, hard, sad, thrilling, happy and fulfilling
  • My mom was right
Things I still want to do:
  • Go back to school. I would LOVE to do PA school ( but that isn't going to happen) but at least go through nursing school or something that I can have stuff to do when I have no kids at home.
  • Have another baby
  • Run in a race. ( I know right.. I am fat. So I have high goals!)
  • Be a better house keeper
  • Be a better wife
  • Be a better mother
Accomplishments made in my 20's
  • Went on a mission
  • Survived a mission
  • graduated from College
  • Went to USU and to the U to get my degree
  • Met the man I married
  • Had a beautiful baby.
  • Sealed for Time and ALL eternity to Tyler and Dallas
  • Endured a painful c-section that needed months of reconstructive care.
  • Sent my son off to 7 brain surgeries
  • Saw my son walk
  • Heard my son say I love you
  • Had 3 endometriosis surgeries
  • 3 rounds of infertility treatment
  • Going on 2 years of infertility
  • A move from another state
  • a move back to Utah
  • 2 major car accidents
  • LOTS of amazing times with Dallas and Tyler
Oh what a time the 20's were. I am looking forward to the 30's!


~NICKY~ said...

Just think of Tim McGraw's song.. In my next 30 years...

Grandma Labrum said...

I like that one! "My mom was right!" I told you so!

Chantel said...

Hey you did say that in your 20's you found out you DID have a super cool SIL :) I know I did!