Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Potty Training

Potty Training- Special Needs style

A few months ago I was invited by the local district to come and participate in a potty training class. They will give us the stuff we need to get them potty trained. And it was the same stuff that you can find on the internet with a google search. They had no insight into anything like "What if they can't tell you they need to go?" Or "What if they can't physically pull their pants down or sit on a toilet because they have tight muscles?" No one really had any answers or even decent ideas.

I left feeling frustrated and not ready to try again. I had the bright idea that I would try to get him potty trained this summer and starting on August 1st I would put all my attention into it.

Um nope!

I have failed my child and still have not gotten him potty trained.

In July Tyler exploded with words. He had been working on something and it held up that sweet sound of words. Now that he had words I thought that he would be much easier to potty train.


The time came to try our hand at taking our kid to the bathroom. Then His dad got sick ( 3 almost 4 weeks ago) and it took a lot of attention off the bathroom idea. It also threw off his schedule because I was frantic in getting some things taken care of. ( Like we had to run to my parents for a broken A/C and then LOTS of random take care of dad things)

We ordered him special underpants ( yep they are underpants in our house!) and he saw them for weeks. He knew he had to ask for them but he didn't want to. They even had Mickey Mouse on them.

Then the other day he asked to wear underpants. ( Goofy calls his undies underpants and so does Pete so we get to call them underpants.) I thought are you SERIOUS! So he picked what he wanted and wore them. He stayed dry for a while. Then he peed.

Not to long after that he pooped. EVERYWHERE. It was so bad even I gagged and I NEVER gag. He was put in the tub and then he went to sit back on the potty. The rest of the day was just wet pants... all the time.

The last potty trip of the night Dallas fell down the stairs and we had to get him stitches. ( yes.. it was a nightmare and NOT the day that I wanted all of the pee and poo to happen) and Ty was outside running around the streets in his underpants. ( Yep.. I am THAT parent!) So I thought that tomorrow was a new day.

Next day I asked Ty what underpants he wanted ( we have to be consistent right!) and he said Diaper. I so laughed. He even went and got it. Said "Mickey Mouse" and he was right, there is a Mickey Mouse on his diapers.

We did get him to tell us that you go "pee pee in potty and poo poo in potty and toot toot in potty" so we know he gets that you GO to the bathroom. No one ( including his Aunts are above bathroom humor so we KNOW he totally gets poo and gross stuff.

So tonight after already changing ONE poop diaper we were sitting down eating and we whiffed poop. Then a few seconds later another whiff that was not a contained whiff, like OUT of the diaper whiff. I called Tyler over and sure enough hands were BROWN with poop.

I gagged

Marched his stinky butt and hands upstairs. Washed his hands in the sink and dad followed with a bath running and me gagging more. To find out he had poop on his books and the floor downstairs.

As per previous poop issues that we had he had poop from our bottom floor to the top and so I had pulled out the carpet machine and cleaned away. Well tonight said carpet machine was going full force and so was the Clorox/vinegar wipes on his books and anything else his stink butt touched.

I was SO mad. He knew I was mad. He kept Saying "no Tywer" and he was so upset. Dad was able to get him bathed, drugged and getting ready for bed. When I got done we all laid down and talked about getting a big surprise when we go to the potty 5 times.

He kept repeating what we told him. He knows if he goes in the potty 5 times he can have a big " A prize."

So tomorrow is a new day...... Maybe we will poop on the potty.

Or NOT................

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Avenues of Awareness said...

Oh goodness. There are just not the words.

So sorry.

Glad tomorrow is another day. It's amazing how resilient we can be. Especially when we don't have much of a choice about it.