Sunday, August 15, 2010

Distorted Views

I have them... do you?

The last 2 years I have become interested in Photography and have tried to learn all I can. I have read a few really great books. I have looked and looked and looked more at local photographers who's work I adore. I try and ask a lot of questions and have found a few people to follow. I also pretend that I know what I am doing and I learned a few things in the editing department.

I don't know how to do full body makeovers on photoshop or swap heads or whatever, but I can distort the view. Sometimes I can make it look really nice when it isn't so nice after all. You can take power lines out, or make the sky bluer. Making it LOOK like it was the BEST day when really it was hard.

Example: 1
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This is Daphne. She is CUTE as a button. She is happy, joyful and full of spunk and Sass. Generally Daphne is full of happy, joy and cute little words. But this day- NO WAY! She knew we were taking pictures and she was not a happy camper. She was kinda ticked off.

So we went through the film to find the best one and we cropped and added here and there. We got this photo from cropping THIS!

We cropped in, we snuck up as close and we could and we had her mom there, distracting Princess D, and by doing that we got a the above picture.
Then by adding a few things that we learned of the year we were able to give to Chelsie a GREAT cute photo of Daphne.

From the original pretty picture that Chelsie would share ( the first one ) shows we had a wonderful time. But in reality, Chelsie was frazzled because her sweet Daphne wasn't being so sweet.

But what we put up is the pretty picture. Not the REAL picture.

Another example :

We blog about US and what we do. But we pick an Event that we go to or our Adventure and rave about it. We play it up to be the most fabulous thing in the world. Lets take our last adventure to Thanksgiving point. The food was great ( unless you have metformin) and the view was great. But what we failed to put into our blog was that an old man in a walker ran away from his daughter and fell over, crashing to the ground where we needed to assist him in getting back up. As we started to quiet down our table umbrella tipped our table over. Ty was crying and we were ALL ready to head someplace else.

The WHOLE trip around the place was Ty wanting to go to the water. The water. The water. He had a one track mind. I didn't think he put 2 and 2 together that it was the same place but until we go to the Noah's ark he was HORRIBLE.

So the view we painted or shared was we had a WONDERFUL time full of unicorns and glitter! When we really it was not. But unicorns and glitter would have been fab.

As I have been living in the Special needs world we find that we can paint everything we do with Unicorns and glitter. We can make it look effortless or that we didn't have to plan HOURS and hours ahead for us to be able to participate. Or that it didn't take HOURS of back breaking carrying to get your child from point A to point B. We do that because to us it is our life. We forget that YOUR view is what you see us type. Our view is what we WANTED to happen but not always what we get.

Over at Love that Max, she tells of their breakfast trip. I feel that way so often. I wonder what people think when we plop Tyler down, offer him whatever we feel he will eat, pour french fries by the gallons at him and let him watch a show on our phone. Do they judge us? Do they point? What do they think is "wrong" ? Yet he is quiet and we can enjoy our dinner.

But we blog that he had a great time with us at dinner... Why? Aren't we putting out distorted views of what we deal with ALL the time ? I find Atypical blogging people doing that ALL the time.

My challenge to myself is to show the unicorns and glitter of our activities and throw in the pickles and poop with it. The not so great stuff, but adding to that, the ways we worked through them and adjusted.

Anyone else want to join the challenge?

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