Saturday, August 14, 2010

An now a word from your Cervix

The preemie world is full of mothers who bodies failed them. Their cervix didn't stay shut and out came their baby. Some came too early.. Some came early but were able to be saved. Some they don't know.

We fall in the category of we don't know for sure. So, google and lots and lots of questions have been asked and looked up. I am horrified that when we get pregnant again that it could be my cervix and that baby is put at risk.

To combat some of my worries our OB and his team of Perinatologist that we have will be working to do a Cerclage ( or stitching my cervix closed) around 13 weeks, in hopes of getting us much closer to the 34 weeks. ( 34 weeks because we are at increased risk of Uterine rupture)

A new "thing" that has come out in the OB world is a cervical revolution of sorts. It is called CervoCheck.

Cervocheck is a device that "accurately detects the signs of Preterm Labor that both avoids unnecessary intervention and promotes timely diagnosis of treatment."

It is a device that is inserted into or around the cervix that will send signal to your doctor when movement and shortening is detected. They can then go forth and monitor more closely allowing what could have become a very early birth to continue on to full term. It is a wonder scientific breakthrough for those who have suffered through a Micro-preemie birth or problems associated with the cervix.


Matt and Brianna said...

That is AWESOME!!!!!! SO, ya gonna do it????

Avenues of Awareness said...

It is utterly amazing to me the incredible technology that we have.

This looks amazing. "WHEN" you get pregnant again, this would bring you some peace of mind.


Cynthia said...

That IS amazing! Even when I was hooked up on monitors in the hospital, they seemed to miss my contractions. I might have made it further into the pg if I'd had that device.

Sidenote: my 94 year old Great-Aunt had 7 children, all delivered preemie due to an incompetent cervix. She buried 6 of them. We are SO blessed to live in a time where so much can be done!