Thursday, July 29, 2010

When is enough enough?

When we made our surgery appointment and it ended up being rescheduled it really threw our therapy pretty much out the window. We had been up in Salt Lake once a week for the past year. We get all of our therapy at Shriner's because our insurance will not cover therapy services for Tyler. ( The reason: He has a life long condition that won't be "cured") The therapy makes him way more functional so we go.

Therapy at Shriner's is intense. It lasts for a better part of the day. Ty is physically exhausted, he is mentally exhausted and he is frustrated. I am tired, and I get to listen to all the ailments that plague Tyler by ways of his screaming and anger.

After the mess up with the casting we were behind schedule and had on way to fix it since Shriner's is booked. We had all his stuff set up for the correct surgery and nothing for the pushed back so we had to cancel. We then missed the month sign up for July.

So we took the month of July off. In the month we took off Ty is talking. A LOT! I can't wait to take him back to his therapist and have her hear the words we are hearing. I can't wait to get him in to get some physical therapy after his shots. It Sure seems less productive when we haven't had casts but he is still much looser.

So, in August we go up once that month and then start our weekly treks again starting in September. Just in time to get him into school and a routine established.

When is enough enough? When no one wants to do it any more. And as long as that doesn't want to do it any more doesn't last too long. Remember, we are their advocate and it is their life. Yes, it changes OUR life but we do it to make their life better.

So take a break, take a step back. Enjoy the ride for a minute. Take a deep breathe and FILL UP THOSE appointments.

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