Friday, July 30, 2010

Milestone moments

Over the last 3 months ( since school let out!) there has been explosions of words. We add words almost every single day. In fact in the last 3 weeks we have probably tripled our vocabulary and random words will just pop out.

The other day we were doing something and his animal fell. I said "What happened?" fully expecting a grunt. Instead I got "happen." Dallas and I looked at each other and gave our praise junkie EXACTLY what he likes. LOUD clapping praise~!

This morning we were making his bed. It is his only official chore and he LOVES it. He has frogs and he said "Ribbit" plain as day!

Since going camping he has asked for Mickey Mouse tent and Fishing. So today we made a tent using chairs. He got up on the chairs and he tipped it over. When the tent fell down he said " Oh no TENT!" He didn't even care he fell over.

The best of the day.... We needed to get out and we went to get Burger King and play. There were 2 little girls that kept asking him if he wanted to play in there "castle." Normally I intervene and let them know he doesn't talk and blah blah, but today I let him go. He followed them and then they asked him if he wanted the red or purple spot. BOTH are words he knows. I was not looking up but in his SWEET little voice he said RED really loud. They went to the red and he kept playing. I was so excited.

The best of the WEEK: We didn't hear the garage open one day and weren't sure when Dallas was coming home. He has had to work late a lot the last few weeks so we are kinda just awesome pals all day. We were telling finger puppet stories and the door opened. Ty hopped up and went running. For the first time EVER he says "Dada, dada" and jumps into his arms. Ty has been able to say dad he just WON'T without some MAJOR prompting. He usually signs it too. This was HUGE. The smile on Dallas face was priceless.

We can't wait for him to start school and head back to Speech. Seeing how much he has progressed this summer makes us really excited for 3 days a week of speech and the interaction with kids.

A friend of our that has a special needs child made a comment the other day. She said " I bet you NEVER get tired of hearing him babble or talk huh." It took me a second, and realized that I didn't ever get tired of it. NEVER. I don't care how much he talks when he is older I NEVER want to tell him shut up or complain about him talking because somewhere there is a mom ( like her) that doesn't get to hear even the smallest word.

It breaks my heart to hear other people complain that their kids talk to much. There is not anything in the world that is better than them having a voice. Hearing that voice put 2 things together is amazing!

(Sorry to Aunt Nicky for calling when we have new words. It makes me happy we can share them. )


Cynthia said...

What a blessing! And your friend is totally right. One of my best girlfriends has a son with MD and he doesn't speak. He understands words and all but does not speak even though they can find no physical reason why he can't. He's 18 and she has NEVER heard the word "Mom" from his lips.

What a blessing for you all to be able to share the long-awaited words. Before you know it, he'll be saying "I love you"- the words ALL parents long to hear.

Grandma Labrum said...

I do know some people who talk too much! :) Or maybe they just need to know when to NOT talk, or to say the right things. Like politicans.

Grandma Labrum said...

I do know some people who talk too much! :) Or maybe they just need to know when to NOT talk, or to say the right things. Like politicans.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I hear you and totally agree: after 13 years I'm still waiting for Smiley's first words,

And I never tire of hearing my other two children talk xx

sweets said...

That is so wonderful! thank you for making me think about my sons and how great it is to hear them talk. A child's words are so priceless.

~NICKY~ said...

I don't mind, I loved the "ribbit"