Monday, July 26, 2010

Todd and Amy and Oli

Last week was so fun and so busy! We made plans with Dallas' long time best friend and his cute wife Amy and cute kiddo Oliver. Oliver and Tyler are about six month actual ( but really 3 months) apart. Both of our kiddos have special needs. Seriously, it makes for the BEST time.

Amy and I made arrangements to fill up our pool and have a bbq on Thursday. ( * AMY!! next time we do.. Please remind me the next day k! Anyone for that matter) I am so forgetful but I remembered that they were coming. Just forgot the important part.

We filled up the pool, had a backyard full of people and after a while everyone but Todd, Amy and Oli were left. We were able to catch up. ( NEVER go 6 months with out seeing people that totally "GET" you) We laughed, and laughed and ohh and awed over the 2 boys play.

Oli doesn't have words. He understands a lot. He expresses himself by screaming. Tyler has sensory stuff against screaming and has a few words. The common ground between these two... THROWING. We aren't sure who is better but for sure they are the best combination.

Oli has great physical skills and Ty has great other skills so that makes them a perfect combination. It was great seeing Ty take Oli's hand and take him over to where the toy is that they were throwing. Oli would get it, hand one to Ty and start all over.

Them playing gave me and Amy a time to hang out and talk and feel like some one totally gets it. And our hubby's ran to the store for our dinner. They were able to spend some time together. After dinner were spent even more time together.

It was the best night for all of us! We both needed it. It got us good and ready to go to our camping trip.

Amy and Todd have been amazing compassionate people. They struggled with infertility for over ten years. Then they had Oli. We now have Tyler and infertility stuff and Tyler. So we both feel like we have someone who understands what we are going through. It is amazing to have someone who gets it from both ends of it!

Thanks again for coming over. Next time, I promise to get pictures!


Amelia said...

Thanks for having us! Seeing the boys play together warmed my heart. It will be good for them to have friends who "get it" too, I think.

I love that you guys are so low key and chill. I get so caught up in things looking and being perfect (because so often that's what others expect of adoptive parents, and also because of my own personal expectations and insecurities) and it was so refreshing to have Oliver allowed, nay encouraged, to just do his thing.

I so wish you guys lived closer. I know you come to SL more often than we're out that direction, so make time to come hang out over here, k?

Miracles Happen said...

I use to worry a lot about having everything look perfect and be perfect but then I missed out on the fun stuff. Ty and Oli have their own way of doing things. Books, toys and just stuff can be replaced, but what they learned can't.

Seeing those two hold hands to go get things is HUGE for both of them. I will for sure make some time to stop in. We need to start up our therapy for the month BUT we also just need to make a date like we did this time. It works perfect!