Friday, July 2, 2010

Hula Hawaii

A vacation? Um no.

I so WISH!

Ty is obsessed with the Beach ( he says BEEshhh) and the Ocean ( oshen), water and swimming but most importantly HULA DANCING!

I am not sure the first time he learned to Hula but he stands up and hula dances for a couple of movies. He has a Barney Beach that he LOVES and has watched a TON since being sick this last week. He usually uses his blanket for his skirt.

We were SUPER tired of being in the house. Like 4 walls were VERY closing in around us. So just before noon we took off and went to see Dallas at work. He was just leaving for lunch with the guys from the office so we took off and went to Burger king.

I let him play.. for a LONG time. I was totally grossed out too! Knowing how many germs there were and that he is all over and licks walls and touches the floor and is eating his burger on ...GROSS! But I let him play. I looked up and he as CLIMBING UP THE SLIDE ( he was the only kid there) because he couldn't get up the other way. He was so funny!

We left there to run errands. First stop was the dollar store. As soon as we walked in he saw the Luau stuff. He pointed to the grass skirts and started to Hulu. Since it was the dollar store I thought HECK why not!

We went to 3 other stores and he carried the skirt around to all 3. I asked if he would leave it in the car and he said no. So he took it.

When we got home.... OH how freaking funny and cute.... He asked to put it on and he was so happy that he had a grass skirt.

He asked for Barney Beach and when BJ would put his on, so did Tyler. He would dance and dance and dance. I would LAUGH and Laugh and then try not to pee my pants. ( Just kidding! I think ) Ty also got a beach ball so we would count and he would say wreee( three) and HIT! ( kick or catch!)

He seems to really be catching on to all of the fun stuff. But really I think he just wants to go on a vacation and see the BEACH and the HULA girls.


Shannon said...

That is the cutest thing I've seen all week! What a ham!

Becca said...


Matt and Brianna said...

Where are the coconuts??

Amber said...

Come to SoCal!!!! Robin and I will take him to the beach (and we can wear a grass skirt too)! CU soon!!! SLY!!!!