Friday, July 2, 2010

WOW! Neat!

Yesterday Tyler was looking at his Library book. He LOVES it. ( I ordered one from Amazon since the library one has to be returned ) He points and looks at this book for EVER!

We got to the page with Camping on it and he pointed to a Flashlight and went and got me the phone and signed dad, then pointed again to the flashlight. I found a flashlight and we spent the afternoon learning with the flashlight.

Ty would sit on my lap and follow the light on the ceiling and then get down and play and dance and sit looking at the flashlight.

Then I had a BRILLIANT idea to go upstairs to our bathroom that doesn't have a window. We shut the door and Ty had a blast. He was so funny. As he would say wow, I would hear something right after and wasn't sure so I asked him to talk louder. He was saying "Neat!" I was laughing so hard.

So here we were locked up in the bathroom laughing with Ty saying " WOW, NEAT!" We decided to call dad, grandma Labrum and Aunt Nicky. It was so funny.

This morning when he came downstairs with his dad he dropped what he had been carrying and ran right over to the flashlight and has played with it all morning.

WOW! NEAT!! Now is followed by a cute giggle.


Cynthia said...

Each little discovery is special. Sounds like a great day!

Chelsie said...

I can't imagine the joy you must feel to hear him speak! Seriously. To have fretted and worried and not known what was to come. To go from that to laughing about the cute things he is says. Whoa, what a difference. I'm sure you were laughing at the cuteness, and at the massive amount of relief. And the joy of seeing him be more capable of communicating his thoughts to you. Man!

It has to feel fabulous to see he coming along in this way. Hope he continues.