Tuesday, July 6, 2010

He is BACK

The ENT said that the tonsillectomy takes ten days to get better. Oh boy was he NOT kidding. Friday hit our official ten day and I was able to breathe deep. He no longer had to be in total seclusion, we didn't have to be on total house arrest and we didn't have to take a nap OR be sad all day.

Since we changed so many things at once because he was sick we aren't sure what has changed but the biggest change we have seen since having his tonsils out is that he has slept a lot better. He hasn't had his pain medicine for awhile. And now I am Jinxing myself, but he has slept in his own bed through the night for almost a week!

That would be A WEEK!! The longest he has EVER done that. 5 years. FIVE YEARS. He hasn't slept through the night. We have been vaguely impressed and we really don't want to be jinxed. So we will pretend I didn't say it out loud.

Today we got the house cleaned up and we went out to pick up all the rest of our medicine. We decided to pick up a little pool for the back yard. ( OK it is a big pool) Ty was so excited. He spent the whole time walking around the store saying " wow, Neat!" And then saying pool and swimming and open.

We blew it up and we started to fill it up. The water in Utah is COLD. Arizona it comes out warm. Ty played for a bit then decided he was done.

We have a few crafts that we are going to do this week and we need to take a trip to the library.

We hope to be able to find a few activities this month. The Labrum's are around so hopefully they will come and play!

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