Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Festivities

I think we all need 3 days to recoup from all the activities we attended over the holiday. It was a great kick off to all the family fun we hope to have this month. I was so glad that Ty was FINALLY back to himself after his surgery and we were able to participate.

On Saturday we got up early and went to the Parade with Dallas and his family. Ty hasn't been to a parade since he was little. He actually really enjoyed it. He LOVED the bands. He was a little crabby to start but once he saw stuff go by he really liked it. He waved at the girls and played his drum and trumpet with the bands. Mickey Mouse came with him so I am sure that helped him be brave.

We went to Great Grandma Warner's house for a BBQ and some swimming. Ty was SO anxious to go. We told him after the parade we would be swimming but we came home first. He was SOOO mad. He kept signing swimming and was ticked till we convinced him after we ate we would go. We got to the pool first and had to leave to get the key and he cried yet again. He was in the water for about 3 hours. In the mean time, D and I got fried. Ty got almost nothing. His read was gone the next morning.

He went with Grandma Brown to feed the ducks. Another thing I thought he would be FREAKED about and he LOVED it. The ducks came right up to him and he was so excited he kept pointed and saying duck food. He thought we were going to get them more bread and go back but when he figured out we were not going back he was sad.

At that point we realized that there was no way we would make it SANELY to fireworks. We had been thinking of going to Jordan with everyone else but had invited them here but they didn't want to come. We decided we would stay home. I am glad we did. We were able to see the fireworks from our house but Ty didn't make it. He heard a few of them and sat on the top stair and just WAILED. We figured with all of the activities and no nap that he was just over done.

I took him into bed and he happily went. He slept great and didn't wake up with any of the other festivities that were going on outside. It was a great day.( minus the burns)

Sunday we took turns napping and headed to family dinner. We brought our fireworks and hoped that Ty would want to watch them. After dinner Grandpa Brown started a fire in the backyard. Ty LOVED it. He spent the next 2 hours playing with a marshmellow stick in the fire. He would copy whatever Lily would do an then turn to Dallas and say " Ty doing" ( aka Tyler is doing it!) He loved it. He was pretty steady to.

We had high hope for fire works and he stayed for a few but then a loud one came and Noah and Tyler were dashed inside. Granny saved them! They were both so upset. They spent the next little bit watching Mickey mouse while the rest of us enjoyed fireworks and illegal fireworks clear across the valley.


Ty was up till 11 that night. we were horrified that he would be up at 5 on Monday but he SLEPT IN! In his own bed. He was asleep till 9. He just kinda hung out with us yesterday. Our Air conditioner went out so we just kinda waited. Aunt Nicky came for a little bit and she played with the toot.

It was really nice to be able to spend time with family. It was also nice to try some new things with Tyler. It has helped us feel a little brave in the activities to come. we hope that Ty can try more things and be at ease with the new things. We are looking forward to going camping, fishing and spending some of our OWN family time.

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