Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Blind Driving

When you are pregnant and have a kid you dream of all the milestones that will be coming in the next 20 years. One big one is driving, drivers ed and your first car.

Ty has nystagmus and ROP. His ROP is severe. Though it didn't leave him totally blind he has severe vision loss. His script borders legally blind. Even at 4 we don't know the full extent of his vision loss. The nystagmus doesn't help. Because of the movement it makes LOTS of problems for the vision. It makes it so that driving is almost impossible.

Recently, an article and news story came out about a car that is being made by Virgina Tech that is giving hope to the legally blind. Giving them a hope for DRIVING!

With a new technology called "non digital interface technology" people with vision impairment and blindness have been able to drive.

It uses a series of vibrations, signals and sounds to tell the blind person where to turn and how to stay away from other hazards in the street all while driving. The foundation for blind people were impressed with the showing at Daytona last week. A prototype vehicle is going to be made by Ford using a Ford Escape which will be equipped with the new technology and will be shown in January.

I think it is rather interesting and I wonder in the next ten years what technology will be coming up that will help kiddos like Tyler. Can you imagine the independence he will feel with the ability to drive!?

Can you imagine the possibilities?


singedwingangel said...

HOw AWESOME would that be.. I hope for you all his driving becomes a reality when he is old enough..

Amber said...

WOW!!! Thats AMAZING!!!! It would be WONDERFUL if the technology is so advanced that Ty would be able to drive. I hope the technology continues to move forward. SLY!!!!