Friday, June 25, 2010

Day three

The doctor ( and moms) warned us about day three. Holy smokes they weren't kidding!

He was overall pretty good but there were a few times I really thought we were NOT going to make it through the day.

This morning 2 girls from our ward came over while me and Dallas ran to our appointment. We were gone for just over an hour. I had loaded him up with his pain meds about 45 minutes before they got there so he would be good for them. Lucky for them he was.

I made him lunch, which he didn't touch but luckily the girls were able to get a full Popsicle down him while they sat outside. When it was time for more meds it was so horrible to get them down. He cried, gagged and then settled in for a sweet little nap on me! ( oh and I had to hold him down and listen to that Garggling like he was drowing sound . BAD! )

Next round a few hours later was even worse and I had to take away his movies ( which about killed me!) I can't help but give him what he wants. Especially when he is sick. He was so upset about having to take the meds that he climbed on the couch and covered himself with his blanket. He really does think we can't find him if he hides.

He didn't eat much and we haven't seen much drinking but he did spike a small fever. We don't take his temperature because if we did I would be freaked and take his temp all the time. ( yes.. I know. CRAZY!) The Tylenol has been working when he will take it. Tomorrow I am going to try some Motrin.

We ended on a good note, but we always do when Dad is home. Plus he asked for Ice cream.

And what Ty wants... Ty gets!


The Henrys said...

I'm glad to hear that it is over, and everything went okay. Hopefully he will be back to his normal self soon!

Monica said...

For us the worst was about days 5-7. Jaxon was in so much pain it just broke my heart and the medicine burned going down so he really fought taking it. My prayers are with you and your Ty. I don't think anyone realizes how difficult the recovery after a tonsillectomy is unless they've lived it themselves or through their chilren.