Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The anxiety

Holy smokes I get anxiety the night before we do this stuff. I hate it. The feelings of taking your baby in to a place that is going to hurt him and then turn him back over to me to deal with the ramifications of their naughty meanness is a joke.

Ok in all fairness, we hope it is for his benefit. We hope he will be better fast. We KNOW the shots work. I just wish there was a magic wand to let him feel better faster.

Plus, man the docs we use are DRAMA! Our rehab doc is one that can do things only on her time table. She canceled us last week because she could ONLY do it on this day and at this time. But didn't follow through with her portion of the scheduling. So they weren't going to do it.

Oh mama bear gets SOOO angry. Really, we do. I took off for part of the afternoon and low and behold our ENT was pissed and he told her that Tyler was symptomatic on her end and we WILL be doing it.

So 9 am it is. Shots, casts and the works.

What we could use...... prayers. Prayers for fast recovery. Prayers he won't be in to much pain and prayers that mom and dad can be rested for our own procedures.


Monica said...

You got 'em! Prayers, prayers and more prayers.

The Mom said...

Good Luck! I will be saying a prayer for you guys, especially Tyler. Hope he does great!

Madeleine said...

Praying hard for all of you!!!

Amber said...

We will pray extra hard for you this week. I will even put Ty's name on the Temple prayer list. SLY!!!!!