Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life without tonsils

Ty is still sick and crabby. He has a few good hours and then it is crying and sad and just plain sick. There are times throughout the day that he won't even swallow his own spit. He tries to talk to me and ask for something or say something and it just RUNS out of his mouth. At that point I realize just how little he is drinking and eating. I offer and offer and offer but he just doesn't want to swallow.

The other day he woke up screaming at about midnight. He was REALLY upset. We figured he was in pain. We only do Tylenol in the day and then loratab at night. Yesterday I made him take a nap and it seemed to help a lot by the end of the day. It made him get up around 5 am though.

Today, well today was another story. The 5 am started it all. Dallas was up so he took Tyler. I made the toot breakfast and offered a coke. YES a coke. He won't drink anything without fizz . The bad part, if I put ice in it and it runs out of fizz he wants more.

He didn't eat his breakfast. BUT he asked for pizza around 9:30 am so I made it for him. He pieced on it for 2 hours. Seriously 2 hours! Who does that?

I cleaned up my pantry and had swept the floor. Ty helped. It was in a pile when it started but he did such a great job!
He was sweeping it all around. The nice pile turned into this:
But soon he was over helping mom and off we went to watch a movie cause frankly it was such a HARD job. He got all settled with Mickey, Blanket and my computer.

See this thing he does with Mickey and his nose... he just has Mickey rub his nose. And then he has to make sure that Mickey is aware that he is ON TV.

Mickey is such a star!! He gets front row seating to all his events! And when movies are done he is quickly replaced with:

Undies were carried around when Mickey was not being used. When the camera came out Ty would count to three and say CHEESE!!

But at the end of the day he is EXHAUSTED. He cries, he is sad and most of all he doesn't feel well. He lays down on his frog and he gives it a squeeze.

And sweetly falls asleep!

He was later sweetly woken up but he was a bear. He hardly had anything to eat or drink and we sent him to bed dosed up on all the meds he would take. We hope he starts feeling better soon.

Oh... How we miss our Tonsils !


singedwingangel said...

Poor little guy. All 2 of mine had theirs out and the youngest had the roughest time with it. Praying he heals quickly and can get some normalcy back

Amber said...

POOR TY!!!! I hope he gets better fast!!! I hope once he feels better, he will sleep a lot better too. SLY!!!