Monday, June 21, 2010

Surgery Time

After a long sleep battle with Tyler we went to a sleep doctor. We needed refills on his medicine and in order to get them we needed to see a doc that would prescribe them. The medicine we give him is kind of old school AND they are kind of strong. Most kids only get these when they are heading into surgery. Ty gets them every night.

The result of the test shows that Tyler has some sleep apnea. His oxygen stats drop into the low 80's and it made our doctor a little worried. Because kids with Cerebral palsy can have such strange muscle tone she felt that it was in his best interest to see an ENT.

Off we went to the ENT who suggested that they come out. Then a few weeks later we broke our nose and then a few days later we bumped it pretty bad. So surgery was scheduled. Last week it was rescheduled but the day has finally arrived.

Wednesday Tyler is scheduled to get his tonsils out. To make his life a little easier we are also doing phenol shots and casting the same time. Both docs are working together to help us not have to put Tyler under any more than we have to.

Up until Tuesday night and into the early morning I will be fine. It is when they take him away from me crying and saying momma that I just lose it.

We are lucky enough to have an early time in the OR so we don't have to fight him on the food and drink thing. We will have to fight him after.

Every time we plan to put him under or we do a surgery that isn't Emergency needed I worry that i have made the best choice for him. When he is DYING because his brain is swelling and his heart rate is dropping, I KNOW we need to do it NOW. But this half fills like it is just an elective surgery so I am a little more nervous.

So if you don't see us com up for air... leave us some words of wisdom....


singedwingangel said...

Prayingfor you and Tyler... Maynagels surround you and the operating room

Amber said...

I will be thinking and praying for you on Wednesday and hope everything will be ok. I hope after Ty recovers, that he will be much better. SLY!!!!

Monica said...

Think of it this way, people with sleep apnea have headaches, are grumpy, don't sleep well, and don't breathe well. Those are pretty significant issues. Having his tonsils out so he's not waking up because he stoops breathing doesn't sound elective to me. It sounds like the right choice.

Jaxon had his tonsils out last December and it made a world of difference for him. He was happier, had more energy, slept better, didn't snore, could breathe through his nose, etc.

I know what you mean about that moment when we have to separate from our scared, crying child. It's the worst and it stays the worst until we get them back, safe and sound.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

All three of my kids had to have their tonsils out: for my daughter with cerebral palsy it was an emergency, as she was actually suffocating as they were so huge. Since their ops the kids have barely had a day sick. Hope all goes really well for you tomorrow and that it makes a huge difference in Tyler's life as well

Stacy said...

Wow, I don't know how I missed these posts. I'm so sorry you're headed back to surgery. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible, and that Tyler bounces back quickly.

Danielle said...

I understand all too well. We had Julia's ear reconstruction done because we didn't want her to have yet another thing that makes her different from other kids. But my heart aches, wondering if we did the right thing for her. It took 4 surgeries, and now she has two scars from skin grafts on her body. Feels like sometimes, you just can't win.