Thursday, June 3, 2010

5th Anniversary

On June 4Th I married my best friend. He has become MORE of my best friend as the years have gone by.

This last week we were able to get away from real life for a few days. We stayed in Logan at the Anniversary Inn. We were able to go to my favorite little restaurant and have 2 days of just us. That hasn't happened in a while.

What I appreciate most is that he is riding our roller coaster together. The first night after Tyler was born we were sitting on my hospital bed after going to see our very sick little boy and a sweet nurse brought in cookies and juice. She sat down and said that this will either make or break your marriage.

I can honestly say that it has made our marriage. Neither of us would ever think of going at this alone. I can honestly say that I wouldn't want to do it alone and I am glad that I have him to wake up to every morning.

He is a hard worker and does everything he can to provide for Tyler and I. He does an amazing job at it too. He sometimes works to hard ! He is the best dad. I love the look of love in his eyes when he looks at our baby.

He is more than willing to make sure that I am happy and have everything I need or want. ( Including some high priced baby making drugs and I am NOT talking about clomid!) I am seriously so happy.

I love him.

I think I love him MORE everyday.


Kristen said...

Happy Anniversary!! I'm so happy that you have such an awesome-sounding dude...because from what I've read so far you definitely deserve him!! ;-D

Kristen said...

And I'm cheating on YOU? I love your gutts, and I hate you at the same time for calling me out on stalking. Everybody's doing it.

Twit me and we'll get our hiney's in gear friend. I think I'm MORE glad I met you....

The Mom said...

Happy Anniversary. I felt I needed to wish you a good one. This is my anniversary as well. However I just hit 12 years. It is a great day, June 4th. I hope you continue to love and cherish each other as well as your cute little boy. Together it makes it so much easier. Happy Anniversary!