Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mommy- It's your birthday

My mom has had a TOUGH year. I think the only thing that would make it worth a MILLION dollars and more would be to have more sweet babies.

Because this has been such a bad year we hope she gets her million dollar wish. But before then we have a few things we want to tell her. Along with Remind her why we love that she is still here with us.

My mom has had to learn how to live on her own this year. No my dad didn't run away. She lost her dad. So a new normal has had to take place.

She did get her wish though. We were all in one place for Christmas. We were all in one place for Thanksgiving too!

My mom has helped me a lot the last few years. Specifically when I am OVER the disabled world. When Ty has been sick or had emergency surgery, or 9 hour long head reconstruction or even just coming for a birthday party she has helped me. She can drive me crazy sometimes but I would rather have her drive me crazy than not be here when I need her.

My mom has been the one to step in when tears are running down my face and I can't be the strong mom any more.

She has gotten a look of PURE love and joy holding my new baby. She came up and was there when we brought him in the door. She came up every ( or almost) every weekend while he was in the hospital and she has been there to witness some pretty cool things. (Like first look at those pretty BLUE EYES! )
She has spent hours at pools watching while my dad does all the work keeping my kid up and down the stairs. She has rocked him and loved him and encouraged him along with me.

She has gotten FURIOUS at him being left on a bus or breaking his nose or falling down. And she has helped teach all the other kids that it is ok to be different and she encourages him to be the best Tyler ever.

But most of all. She is a great grandma. She loves all the kids. She loves everything about them and want even more for them to be happy.


singedwingangel said...

Your mom and my mom would get along famously. She will tell you her great grandbabies are her life.. and they adore her.. Happy birthday to your momma..

Sawyer said...

What would we do without our moms? Sounds like your mom is an amazing woman.

Grandma Labrum said...

I don't know if my other message posted so I will try it again. Thanks, Nancy!