Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Bottom Step

We have a routine.

A routine EVERY day. Certain things have to happen. When we mess up those routines then we can have some major issues. Generally we just have a melt down and it isn't TOO bad. But since the routine is not so bad, we do it.

In fact, this routine is one of the favorite times of the day.

It happens on the bottom step.

The bus comes, I get the Cute boy and we come get the mail and we come inside.

We sit on the bottom step.

We take off our backpack.

Unzip his jacket and put it on the banister ( so we can find it easily in the morning)
He takes off our glasses and put them on the bottom step ( so we don't lose them)

We take our shoes off. Then we do the best part of the day. We go through his back pack.

We read every single day EVERYTHING he did through the day.

Right down to his snack and his therapies.

I love it. It is the best time of the day.

And at the bottom of the step he says Dad and off he goes.

To say "Hi" before the start of the afternoon.

I love the bottom step!


Amber said...

What a wonderful routine!!! I can understand why you both love it. SLY!!!!

Nicole said...

So sweet!!