Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Tammy

I apparently have no pictures of my sister. So 2007 will have to do. So here is your birth day blog.


So sometimes I hate you. But that is usually temporary. Generally as sisters we have good and bad. But I am glad that we have figured out a way to work it out.

I hope you have a good birthday and I am sorry it falls on a holiday. Guess that means less presents?

I just wanted to say that I am thankful for the time you have taken to be there for me. To support me in things that you aren't a pro at but are willing to listen. For helping easy some worries, be my sounding board and to listen through tears and gagging.

Thanks for looking like me so that my kid doesn't freak out when he is all alone. I laugh that he doesn't know the difference. ( ok he really does but for some reason he will go to her with out a second thought. )

Thanks for letting me love your kids. They love coming here and I like that they do.

Thanks for being a big sister even when I wished you weren't.

Sorry I stole your car in High school. I thought I was so sneaky ( we had done it a few times before that hehe) and I am sorry you hit a garbage truck in the the love mobile and you never told anyone... and I just did :)

Thanks for being there when Ty was sick and thanks for just being my sister. ( even when I hate your stinking guts!)

Love your guts~

ps. you are old.


Tammy said...

G thanks Nancy and to clarify I bumped the garbage truck and it didn't even leave one little mark.

Preemie Miracle said...

Nice... at least you admit it NOW! Happy birthday. I told Nicky we should do something soon only if I decide to like you for the week :)

I do love you and thanks again for everything this week