Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

A million and one blogs will have that tittle today. I am glad that I can too!

This has been such a great Mother's Day. Not just for the presents because I have realized SO much the last few weeks about being a mom.

  • I LOVE being a mom. I love that a part of me ( and D) is walking around chattering about whatever he chatters and he is a part of us. He is what I always wanted.
  • I love being a wife. I am NOT the best at it and I really struggle sometimes. But I LOVE my life with D.
  • I realize that I am the mom. I love that. I love ( and hate) that he won't let anyone else do anything for him.( Including the dad) I love that it is ME the mom who is his "Doer"
  • I love that my job is him. I would gladly get another one but he is my responsibility. It is my job to take care of him. I stay home so I can be his mom.
A mother is not just someone who gives birth. A mother is someone who nurtures, loves, teaches and cares. That is what I like about having family. There is a mom there for me ( my mom) and a mom for Tyler. Lots of others show love to my child who isn't a mom but they love nurture and care for him.

I think we all want to feel needed, wanted and loved so the more " moms" in our life the more love we feel. Bring on the love!! Its all about family and all about support. Aunt, Grandma, mom.. it is all the same.

Takes a village.... of mothers.

Oh and it takes a gorgeous Vintage pearl necklace from Dallas to make me a Super mom!

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Hartley said...

I was so hoping to find a photo of your necklace here! ;)

Glad your Mother's Day was good -- what a lucky little boy you have to get such a fabulous mommy!