Friday, April 23, 2010

Captured moments/ Photography

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Fix it Friday is back. I decided I was going to try and use some of my new presets that I downloaded and then tweak them. The submitter of the photo wanted her eyes to pop and the color to pop. So here is the Original and the Fixes.
This is the original photo given for us to edit.
This is cropped ( Crop was used in ALL fixes) and added a preset called Morning coffee. I tweaked the clarity and the contrast to my liking. I used some clarity on the eyes and lowered the vignette. The preset has it much darker.
This is a preset called fashion III. I used the preset but it seemed to not right so I had to tweak it a little. The preset changed the blues and so it changed her eyes a little. I am not fully sure how to change them back so I just embraced the diffrence and went from there.
Classic black and white
This one has a softness to it but the colors and her eyes still pop.
*All fixes and edits were done in lightroom beta version 2 *
*All presets are free downloads as well.*

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