Wednesday, April 21, 2010


" Music gives a Soul to the Universe, Wings to the wind, Flight to the imagination and life to Everything!" Plato

This was the quote on the wall where Tyler received Music therapy while we lived in Arizona. Only recently have I Really thought about what music does for him.

When songs are played Tyler comes alive. He can't help but do actions or smile or stop in his tracks in order to participate.

If we get ready a little too early in the morning he gets super anxious waiting for the bus. You can often find us sitting outside on the bottom step singing songs. When we start songs he sometimes gets mad but I find he cant' help but start to dance or rock back and forth and then the smile escapes his mouth.

When we sit in church the second the organ starts to play he sits up a little straighter and he "sings" along. After everyone is done he quietly claps and says " a job" ( good job)

In Primary he sits on the edge of his seat and "sings" and everyone loves watching him.

It is like he really does have wings when a song is there. While he tries to express himself, he can at least enjoy the music.
Who knows. Maybe Music is the Key to unlock something that will give him a voice!


The Henrys said...

Gracie is the same way with music! I love watching her dance. Our favorite is when we have Keith Urban in the car and she will squeal and make lots of sounds. I love watching her love music! Music really touches something in her and helps her find her voice. She can't form words, but she sure can express her joy!

Kristen said...

How wonderful that God gave him a way to express himself--I hope you have a good time "Making a joyful noise" together! ;-)

The Sawyer Bunch said...

That's a great photo of him with the piano. Maybe music is his key :)