Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Being the Hero

Tyler is my hero. He is such a strong kid that has gone through SO much. He is strong, loving, caring and has the most Charity as anyone I know. He is forgiving. He is all the things that make the world a great place.

I am lucky because I am the mom to this Hero. I get to see so many more things than anyone else. Nobody but his dad knows just how funny he is and how great he is. He is so much more active behind closed doors and he is saying so many more things.

Sunday I went to walmart to pick meds up and while walking in the store found 2 of the cutest and perfect pair of Pajama's. Mickey Mouse and Thomas the Train. Ty LOVES Mickey Mouse and he loves trains.

I brought them home and sure enough... I became some CUTE boy's hero!

He wanted the shorts on RIGHT THEN. So he sat on the potty and then got the shorts. He wore them to bed and when I tried to get them off ... NOPE!

We went to get his hair cut this afternoon and even when they were all itchy he still wanted them on. Lucky for us we had his Thomas pair tonight.

He is such a Great kid. I feel pretty lucky!

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Kaye Swain said...

What a sweet family! I came for Tweet Me Tuesday and enjoyed reading several other posts as well. I could so relate to the NICU pix as we have dealt with that as well - Not CP but other diseases. What a blessing God gave him such sweet parents and such a sweet heart.

Loved the photo examples as well. My kids are great with photography but me, not so much. So I love seeing examples like that to help me. Thanks for a sweet visit. Praying for y'all! :) Off to tweet you @SandwichINK #TMT