Monday, April 5, 2010

Health Care- The end of the world

I have taken a few days to write my thoughts on health care. ( Though it can be read HERE and HERE!) The reason I wanted to write it was because I feel a little misunderstood.

I am glad that it passed. Do I think it is the VERY BEST we could have? No I do not.

Some of the things that I don't like:

  • I don't like that everyone should be required to buy insurance. It should still be a "choice." Some feel that it takes away their right to choose and in turn takes away their freedom.
  • I don't like that Student loans were snuck in there in order to get a few "extra" Votes. I think that was sneaky and had no place in medical or health care reform.
  • I don't like that taxes will go up though I am NOT sure how much we will really see the increase. ( does anyone know?) ( OK I looked it up.. Major increase for 200k income levels. I don't know anyone that makes that much. And slight increase for 88k and I again don't know THAT many people that make to much over that or even THAT.)
  • I find it funny that you get taxed on Tanning and "cosmetic" stuff.
  • And I don't' understand the Cadillac plans. So I am not sure if we fall into that but our insurance plan is REALLY a good plan but we pay a lot. But we do fall under the 20k per family I think we are OK.
Some of the things I like:
  • FINALLY the pre existing clause and the denying of someone who HAS one of those conditions is gone for Children.
  • I do like that it will also add in Adults but not until 2014. Why do I like that? I am fat and I have endometriosis. So therefore, according to the insurance company they won't insure me. ( yep I have that in writing!)
  • I like that kids can stay on the insurance of the parents till they are 26.
  • They can't cut the CHIP program and must maintain it. So Utah can no longer take money out of the CHIP program. ( which is a KIDS program) ( oh and medicaid program)
  • I like the wellness program. That provide Immunizations and other preventative services for infants, kids and teens. It goes into effect in six months. So much can be prevented by these services.
Why this impacts me and my family so much and why I was and am glad that it passed: Ty has a pre existing condition. Ty is considered uninsurable. Without insurance we can not live the American Dream. We would be bankrupt and be the only homeless people who had Cobra. For us the cost of insurance literally makes us have to chose between a home or his care.

I was obviously not impressed with every part of the bill. I do feel that to be "American" I need to look at both sides and chose (hopefully prayerfully) what will be the best way for MY family and MY individual needs and go with what I feel is the correct thing for US.

And Just a few tidbits:

Our care for Tyler is dependant on what our insurance WILL cover, not what is BEST for him. So we don't think that his care will change.

No more people are going to go see a neurosurgeon than already do. So our wait won't change.

In Utah right now a wait on the genetics list is ten months. So again... things are already bad.

THERE is my take on health care!

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