Thursday, March 11, 2010

The neighbor kids

So while the last post was the upper at how well Ty is doing here comes the DOWNWARD spiral we call the roller coaster. Though I am proud to say it didn't sting to bad.

Ty loves going outside. LOVES it. He would spend all day out there. He doesn't realize that he is freezing and his hands are falling off. He would stay out.
And stay out he does!

When he hears the kids up the street he RUNS to them. He does. He takes off and heads up the street. And he jumps in and he does what he can. And then he comes back.

Today Elle across the street saw Tyler out playing and she wanted to play with him. I was so excited. Elle talks for Tyler. Like her little buddy. Elle knows that talking is hard for him so she does it for him. It is REALLY cute. When other girl with Elle got bored she made Elle leave. And Ty was left to himself. With his rocks. Elle Came back later and said she forgot to hug him. Then she ran back to her house.

I wish so badly that he had a playmate. I wish he was "normal" enough to be sent out the door and to find a neighbor kid to play with that I don't have to stand outside like the mother translating his every word.

But alas. We were left alone blowing bubbles and throwing rocks.


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