Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is going on in OUR world!

I feel like updates .. like what are we doing updates have been kinda missing. So, here is the stuff that grandma likes.

This last week was parent teacher conference at school for the Little dude. We have noticed this term he has done a lot of changing. I was excited to hear what was going on. And then in true ME fashion.. Guess who forgot? Yep. Me!

Thank goodness his cute little teacher, Miss Holly, sent home a little worksheet that they fill out so they have an outline and stuff written down. We also got his updated IEP and it tells us how well he is doing on his goals.
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Miss Holly's questions :" In the classroom we observe Tyler hanging up his own coat and backpack. He can now transition to all the activities without throwing a fit. He plays well with other kids and loves to share toys with them." ( That makes me feel sad because he DOES love other kids. He loves playing with my sisters kids and because of me he doesn't have any siblings to play with)

"In the classroom setting we have observed new skills emerging in his communication skills. He has really improved this year. We have been working REALLY hard on colors and shapes and he is easily able to recognize them." ( Ty CAN and does recognize his colors and shapes and his "talking" is doing much better. Though our Vocabulary is very very limited he still seems to get his point across.)

"In the classroom we have see that Tyler has challenges with: Tyler has his challenges to overcome but he works so hard that they are not challenges for long. He is such a hard working kid!" ( We couldn't agree more!)

" My favorite thing about your child is that he is such a hard worker. He is really anxious and eager to learn. I love when he surprises us with what he knows."

It is so nice to see him advancing and doing well. He even has accomplished a few of his goals. He sits at the activity AND DOES the activity for more than 4 minutes ( huge for him!) and he follows directions above his tested level with no problems. Which again, is HUGE considering his expressive language sucks. He is using his vision better, and uses his strategies to finish his work. He can identify most letters and is working on finding them in complex backgrounds.

The most favorite and exciting to read was how well he was doing and how much he has improved in his gross motor skills. At the beginning of school ( OK in November) he was walking 750 feet without assistance, and 250 feet with one hand assist. ( They measure by 1000 feet) and in the 1000 he had 2 falls. In Feb. he had 1000 feet independently.

A functional speed of walking is 50 feet in 13 seconds. So his goal was to hit that functional speed. He walked 50 feet in 63 seconds. ( this was his baseline) He is slow. In November his speed was 50 feet- 27 seconds. So he improved. In Feb he did 50 feet- 20 seconds.

He went from staggering 3 times in a 100 feet trial to falling or every 500 feet with staggering around 100 feet. So he is still unsteady but he is able to correct most of the time . Some games he plays is Simon says, hokey poky, ball, and jumping. He does need stand by assistance in MOST gross motor games.

So that is Tyler. I feel bad he doesn't have any playmates but what do you do now. We are so proud of him and all he does. He is so cute. He loves the bus and he loves going to school. I am so happy with the improvements we have seen with him and his shots and casting. He is due for more in July.

Ty is doing really well. We are proud of him. And we think he is really cute.

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Team Carter Jay said...

I just found your blog, and must say that you definitely do have a miracle on your hands. Keep up the good work little buddy!

Grandma Labrum said...

Wonderful IEP notes. So glad I don't have to be that detailed in mine! How great to have a teacher with that dedication. We always said Tyler was smart and going great for Tyler. So proud of his achievements. And don't be so hard on yourself. "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." It isn't your 'fault', just the way things are.

carly said...

Great progress Ty is making! Your persistence, support, love and encouragement as parents is helping him so much!

Matt and Brianna said...

YAY!!! I loved this post!!