Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Shunt-aversary!

February 13Th Marks the official one year mark of the last Shunt malfunction and revision. It isn't the last but making it a year is HUGE... HUGE!

Shunts scare me. They are something I never thought I could deal with. they were not something I thought I could handle. But we have done it. I still freak out when we get throwing up. I freak when something is off but I no longer long for a CT scan in my basement that I can stick him in. I trust that my instinct, Dallas and IMPRESSIVE vomiting and a pediatrician that loves him will get us where we need to go.

Here is our September 2008 revision :

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Because he was so sick he had to have it done quickly and so his hair was not fully shaved. We asked on he next revision to shave it al off.. PLEASE!


This is him the next day at home.. Safe and sound. Just where I like him.

Shunts scare me because I have to watch my baby die. Literally. The brain shuts down his heart rates, we can't keep him awake and he is vomiting in hopes that his head will lose pressure by throwing up. He can't focus, sit up or do anything. The longer we wait to take him in the lower his heart rate and the more emergency we become.

I am so thankful for my baby tonight. I look at him and wonder how I made such a beautiful little person. How lucky I am that I am his mom. And that he is an ordinary miracle.

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Shannon said...

Happy shunt-aversary to you!! A year IS huge! We can't get past a month and lately we can't get past a day or two. Knock on wood, it's been 3 full days since Marissa's latest revision and second shunt addition. Praying Tyler keeps going strong.