Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines and Oreo's

Valentines day was kind of just another day at our house. We have had some awesome packages in the mail this week and we really enjoyed watching Tyler open them.

Max and Morgan sent him chocolate and 2 valentine cards. Morgan had her name on the Thomas the train ones and Ty carried that thing around all day. And YEP I forgot a picture. My parents sent a super cute package of books. One is now in the potty room for Tyler. Though I think the authors got the bell color wrong!

Yesterday we dropped off valentines to all his cousins ( Well Aunt Nicky said she would drop off the Gales cause they were gone) and Aunt Nicky really liked the yummy Krispie treats. They have PB in them and they are YUMMY! I don't think Nicky thought they would be so Nummy!

We dropped of Cousin Lilly's and Noah's and had a good time at their house. Lilly's doggie isn't a big Tyler fan and kept Nipping at his feet. Aunt Crystal has had a rough week so we were glad to go and visit and chat and Tyler didn't seem to care that Aunt Crystal had a owie and kept trying to sit on her lap. She was a good sport and read him a few books and Cute little Noah traded places and sat by me to watch Ty's movie.

Dallas was off getting a massage that he got for his birthday so today he is nice and sore. He deserved it and had a 2 hour rub down of muscles that generally don't feel so hot! We brought him home some of The pie for our Valentine Eve Dinner.

Today Dallas had to work so we decided to stay home with him and enjoy the day together. PLUS the rough week Aunt Crystal she also had pneumonia so we opted to save our germs. Though we are sure she isn't contagious ( we hope :) ) We like to keep them to ourself. We were also asked by granny to bring dessert. So we made Oreo Cookies from Aunt Ruanne's reciepie. We added some red dye to make them valentine like yummies.


This year we didn't exchange gifts. But honestly the best gift in the world is the 2 people that I got to share it with. But mostly because of how much I love Dallas. He is the only person in the whole world that gets me. That honestly knows me. That knows the crazy part and the real part and the nice part.

I am so happy to be married to him and even more happy that we were all home. It was a JOYOUS time that we were home and not any place else!


Tammy said...

I am glad you figured out the cookies even if I did forget to send the recipe to you. They aren't very hard. I LOVE homemade oreos. Maybe once I keep running for an hour everyday I might eat a little more of them.

~NICKY~ said...

why don't you bring me some of the oreos?