Monday, February 22, 2010


I haven't entered a photo into Iheartfaces for a really long time. This week isn't about faces though but an object. I went back through my archives and even went out today with camera in hand. I had ideas of what I wanted to take. Though my head ideas and what I get on "film" are usually VERY different I ended up not even taking a picture of what I "thought" I wanted.

Instead I did decide on one. A photo I had taken when I first got my camera. I hope this is the best photo I have of hands. But I realize that every photo has a hand. The photo in my head was one of the therapist helping Tyler, or the wheelchair guy fixing a chair for a child. But instead I got nothing.... But the past.

p.s. The same "day" and time the header picture was taken. I didn't realize it till just now. I like his face better in this one.

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