Thursday, January 14, 2010

When it is good

Have you noticed that when things are good they are GOOD. It seems that sometimes there is no in between. We have had such a great few months. He has had some great strides and some great advancements. Hit some bumpy stuff but not massive brain surgery bumps. It seems that it is getting " different" for sure.

When we were in Arizona we were having a lot of testing done in speech. We hadn't had a firm diagnosis ( and we still don't) but there was no "reason" for it. Still isn't. Because this new speech lady approaches things VERY different. It doesn't fix the problem and we are seeing HUGE strides.

One of the things that people or the " doctor" people see as the problem is that he seems to get the first part of a word but can't really connect the LAST part of the word. For now we are THRILLED to get ANY part of the word but something doesn't connect.

Another funny thing is the sound that he makes for some of the letters. He can identify them GREAT. But he doesn't get that the F sound doesn't come out his nose but comes from placement of his mouth. He does the same thing for the V sound. It is done through his nose not his mouth. When we put his hand on our throat so he can feel it and so he can see up close the way our mouth is he can mimic the sound but it isn't "right"

One of the first "doctor" people we saw said that his lack of imagination or pretend play played a big role in him not talking . Well since moving we have seen more pretend play with promptings. For example, during a show if someone is eating food he has to have that food and then he spends 5 minutes getting his Barney to eat it. He jumps with Barney and does so many things by taking that doll with him. It isn't playing dolls or kitchen but it is something that he wasn't doing before.

His play is not so boring right now and he spends his day jumping, and playing on the piano. Going outside is another HUGE for him. He loves to eat the snow. Its a huge part of his day and I can't wait for him to get outside with warm weather.
Tell then we work work work and get those words coming.

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