Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We are boring

For the first time in a long time I don't have many " preemie" updates so I thought I would give a little Serial casting, Christmas, crafts post. Don't pee your pants with excitement!

Serial casting: Dallas took T's casts off Christmas Eve while I as working. We also noticed that Ty was getting sick so he was super glad to get them off. OH did his feet look good! He was standing better. He was standing straighter. His "gimp" wasn't as bad. He was able to sit Indian style and he has NEVER bent his legs like he has. I was IMPRESSED. He wore his braces today for 4 hours and seems to have tolerated them. I don't see to many imprints lasting longer than they should but a few days will tell if they are OK!

Christmas: I already told you about T's Christmas but I didn't get to show off his Stocking. My mom makes them for all her grand kids. It takes about 2 years. She does it by hand and they are very special. She also found me some icicles that she had on her tree her whole life. I plan to put them on next year.

Crafts : I really like crafts and it seems I have found the perfect place to continue my addiction. It is very lovely and has small, inexpensive crafts for each holiday and it makes my room festive. So we did one this month for Valentines. I would like to invite everyone we know to do a St. Patty's day one or another Valentines one. Kids can come if you like, but we can do it as GNO's if you prefer. Dallas said he didn't care :) so get in touch with me! It will be fun. ( PS all crafts for St. Pattys' is under 20 if you want a link and address holler)

PS. The flowers were from my wonderful hubby who has sacrificed a big dream of his for me and Tyler. He is amazing and we love him tremendously for it. ( the LOVE was the craft I did)


Grandma Labrum said...

I thought you always said you didn't do crafts?

HollySteffen said...

aw my mom makes our stockings too :) cuuute