Sunday, January 17, 2010

The crafts

Most of the blog posts I have been writing are SOO ambien induced. Tonight is probably one of them. If it is all over the place.. blame the meds.

In Arizona I decided I kinda liked putting together crafts and painting and putting on Vinyl. It was easy and pretty straight forward. I always wanted to be a crafty little Mormon wife who provided her house with cute chachkas ( aka stuff you have to dust) and look all festive and stuff.

While in Arizona I started doing them and I made some for family for Christmas. This monogram is in my living room. I love it.

Then when I moved to Utah a random flyer came in the mail and directed me to ANOTHER place in Utah where I could get stuff like pictured above. I went in and fell in love. I wanted to do them all.

The top one is hanging in my living room and the bottom was a gift to my Aunti Linna.. It is not the greatest color picture. I wish they turned out a litle better.

Then I found the "words" and I think I really fell in love.

After doing several, I decided to stain the side of this one and paint the front. This is the e in HOME. The O is replaced by different items through out the year. This package had a cupcake for birthdays, leprechaun hat for March, heart for Feb. And Jan was a mitten. I have a few other sets to go through.
The photos of the "O" for the first 5 seasons/holidays.
This was one that I didn't love but thought it turned out ok. I think I would try or want to try a few more scrap paper on other letters. But I did like how it looked with the finish.

The BOO was my first one ever with nothing to look at. I can't wait to redo some Halloween ones for next year. I have a lot to chose from.

One of the things that I would LOVE to do is get a "support" group of others that would like to have a nice little craft at the end of the day. Knowing that we all need friends and could all use some stuff to spruce up our house if you are interested in participating in a craft day with us please let us know.

I am working on getting a discount for those of us with Special kiddos at the craft place I buy these. Please let me know... We would LOVE to have you .

Enjoy.... I know I have


Denise said...

I want to come Nancy! Let me know when! :) They look like so much fun. Just be aware that I may need a place to crash before heading back up north LOL. :) Hugs~ Denise

April said...

I LOVE crafty stuff, but it's usually on the bottom of my husbands list of "crap we really don't need" so unfortunately I still have a lot of bare walls after living in our house for almost two years!

so where is this awesome little craft store?

Preemie Miracle said...

So april this awesome little store is just opening back up in American fork but the main one is in salt lake. If you want the addy send me an email... SO CUTE huh! Wanna come craft!