Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What will it be like?

Ever since I had a little baby smaller than a barbie laying in the NICU I often wondered what he would be like. No one can tell you exactly what and how your baby will be in the future especially when we were looking at is severe brain damage ( grade 4 bleed = brain damage). It didn't stop me from asking though. I am on a few online support groups and that is one of the FIRST things a new mom of a 23 and up weeker will ask. What will my son ( or daughter) be like in the future? When will they hit such and such a milestone? And sadly the answer is no one knows.

When we were our that is what I wanted to know. I wanted to know what he would be able to do. As we started getting bigger and we missed milestones or hit them but hit them late it was hard. But we were happy for each one that was hNumbered Listit.

But the life long question persisted. What will he be like when he is 3 or 4 and now I wonder what will he be like when he is 15 or 16.

It doesn't really matter, but I wonder what others will think. Will he be teased? Will someone hurt him? I hear horrible stories of children who can't defend themselves and can't talk and tell others what is happening. It makes me scared.

But then there are stories that make my heart so happy! On the Morning show a clip was show about a grown man with Cerebral palsy. His walk was really bad. It was obvious that he had something "wrong." He was basically told around age 5 that there was nothing else anyone could do for him. And then he found Dancing. It changed his life.

Then as I was watching I saw THIS! ( It won't let me embed it... so PLEASE click) This is a senior in High school who has Cerebral palsy. He is on the BASEBALL TEAM. He is a pitcher and he is one of the best ones they have. He is like Jim Abbot the one handed pitcher. He throws and catches with the same hand. His twin brother has severe Cerebral Palsy and can't walk or talk and is confined to a wheelchair. Mark ( the pitcher) says that his brother is his inspiration. He has it so much harder.

Though I know Ty won't have a perfect walk and that he is impaired, he does walk. He LOVES playing soccer and loves throwing balls. I have no idea if he would want to dance, but I know he can do whatever he wants to do.

I know that by pushing him with the therapy and encouraging him he will be the best Tyler possible. I wish a million times over that EVERYONE could see him as we see him. Doing what we see him do and being the funny, and cute and amazing 4 year old that CAN do anything!


Grandma Labrum said...

It is amazing what the dance class did. Maybe that is Tyler's next "therapy." We love him so much. He is so fun to be around.

sweets said...

Wow I love the post!

April said...

Wow, every time I read one of your posts I can't help but tear up. I so admire you for the kind of mother that you are. The Lord has blessed you with the strength to be able to take on the challenges that come with raising this amazing little boy. Your little family is such an inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

I have two siblings that were born prematurely. Anytime they reached a milestone, we were so happy! It is a happiness that seems silly, unless you have experienced prematurity.