Friday, December 4, 2009

I guess it is my turn

Our Thanksgiving was so much fun. Mostly the Friday after but Thanksgiving was really yummy.

We had dinner at Dallas parents house this year. It was the first year back and it was nice to spend it with Family. I worked until 2 so Dallas and Tyler went without me. Dinner was held up an hour for me to get there but it worked out great and Tyler did awesome. Dinner was yummy and I even rocked the yams/sweet potatoes with a made up recipe that pretty much every at least tried.

Friday was the best! I worked at 4:45 am and I swear on my life I HATE Black Friday. What makes me the most sad is that women are nasty nasty when it comes to "saving money." ANYWAY. I went home, got Dallas and Tyler going for the day and I napped for 2 hours. It was great! Got a turkey started and vacuumed the house. Ty was having ALLLLLLLLLL his cousins over. Not just the Gales but the LABRUMS!

We got family pictures ( ok just the kids) and I fell madly in love with the Labrums. I haven't seen them in almost 4 years. Morgan was 2. Max was 0. I have only "met" Max ONCE. They live far far away and it makes me sad. But I got to take their pictures.

We ate dinner at my house and then went swimming with all the grand kids. Morgan has her own fan club named Tyler and I think she secretly liked it. Max was just cute. And Tammy's kids ( especially Lexi) are so sweet with Tyler. Morgan kept saying " I LOVE this" when we would all laugh. I think she mostly liked that you could trash Nana's house and she never yelled :)

I am really thankful for my family. We had a really great time. I am thankful that I have become friends with my sister in law! She would laugh and no one would EVER guess we would be friends but she rocks. And she makes cute kids. I can't WAIT for them to move back .

( one you haven't seen... I know I know HURRY) They should be done by the end of the weekend.. maybe ;)


Grandma Labrum said...

No one yells at kids when they trash a house. That is what life is all about. Maybe the kids get upset when they have to CLEAN up their mess, but hey, that is life. And really, it is because of the grandparents that the second generation is so darn cute.

~NICKY~ said...

hey, i think i'm pretty darn cute! ;) i'm just not sure about my siblings! :) the kids can come and trash my house when i move out, i won't care! we can have sleepovers! It really was a good weekend. I LOVED getting the pictures with each family, each one shows their little personality. I love each little one so much! Now Nancy, FINISH THE PICTURES!!! :)