Monday, November 30, 2009

The LAST eve of Prematurity Awareness

I have slacked the last half of the month because life with my baby ( that is a big boy) got hectic and nuts. Its all been a bit overwhelming and a little nuts!

His sleep study results came in the mail but we have a follow up on Thursday so I have lots of questions before we share the results. BUT mainly he drops pretty low on his oxygen and needs some requirements to keep them up. We don't know what it is yet but he wakes up about 5 times and hour from not breathing and wakes up 5-7 times and hour for his legs moving. His average sleep is about 6-7 hours.

We are still doing therapy at Shriner's and hope to be able to get Tyler on disability soon so that his insurance will cover someone a little closer or even as close as Riverton at the new hospital. I am hoping that the shots and the casting will work really well and we can relax a little and the therapy will help the kiddo out.

His speech is coming along really really well. He is doing most of the alphabet with sounds. There are still a few he hasn't figured out but he knows what they are and can match them. Its getting a little easier to communicate but we are still limited on his words. He can't seem to put them all together to form words. And some of the sounds are just sounds that he is imitating the SOUND but not how it is really said. ( that probably doesn't make sense. A example is the sound the F makes. He sounds like he is making snot and boogies.)

We are getting our second round of h1n1 this week ( hopefully) and have been battling a consistent battle of strep. Tyler has been surprisingly fine but Dallas keeps getting it. We don't know if Tyler is the carrier or me or Dallas for that mater but man I think we are done with it. His little sister who is staying with us came home with it today. But Tyler and I have seemed to be ok ( for now!)

I will have to post about Thanksgiving. I am still recouping my emotions from getting to see Max and Morgan and Barrett and Chantel and having them gone. We are gonna miss them.

Stay tuned for more Holiday fun and some awesome pictures from the weekend.

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